To contribute in establishing Undivided Society Universal Order (Akhand Samaj Sarvbhaum Vyvastha) through Consciousness Transformation based Value Education (Chetna Vikas Mulya Shiksha) as derived from Madhyasth Darshan a 20st Century philosophy propounded by A. Nagraj, Amarkantak, MP. 



Abhyuday Sansthan was established in the year 2001 with an objective to contribute in establishing the tradition of awakened human beings. To achieve such an objective the Sasnthan is actively involved in the following mission as guided by A. Nagaraj 


1.Jeevan Vidya Mission (Jeevan Vidya Yojana)


2.Humanization of Education Mission (Shiksha ka Manviyakaran Yojna )


3.Family Based Self-Governance Mission ( Pariwar Mulaka Swarajy Vyvwastha Yojna )

1.Jeevan Vidya Mission (Jeevan Vidya Yojna)

Madhyasth Darshan is introduced to beginners in the form of Jeevan vidya Shivir, which is organized a 7-day camp at Sansthan premises. The shivirs are designed in such a manners that every person in the camp should realize the importance of Madhysth Darsh for his personal as well as family and social life.

Jeevan vidya Shivir At present one day or seven-day workshops on Jeevan Vidya (JV Shivirs), Madhyasth Darshan Study camps (MD Adhyayan Shivirs), etc are regularly conducted for past two decades. So far more than 10,000 people have been directly benefited from the shivir and many people have started the sincere studies and practice of MD.

Madhyasth Darshan Study camps (MD Adhyayan Shivirs) – for in depth study of Mashysth Darshan 6 months fulltime course or 2-year part-time courses are conducted regularly at Sansthan. So far more than 1000 persons have done the study of all books of MD with the help of Prabodhak through the study camps for 6-month, one-year or two-year. Apart from direct studies on-line study camps are also organized time to time.


2.Humanization of Education Mission (Shiksha ka Manviyakaran Yojana)

Abhibhavak Vidyalay :

The English medium school is in operation since 2016 for students of surrounding 8 villages of sansthan. At present the school is operated from nursery to class 10 in which imparting Human Consciousness Transformation based value education is the core purpose of school. The Vidyalay is being operated by 25 families residing in the premises and surroundings of Abhyudaya Sansthan. These families are responsible for providing CVMS both through class room teaching and practical training.

3.Family Based Self-Governance Mission (Parivar mulak swarajy vyvastha yojana)

About 25 families are living together in the surroundings and at Abhyuday Sansthan campus. They practice Madhyasth Darshan in their daily life including educational activities, production, processing and marketing of natural agro & dairy products. These include Deshi Gir Cow dairy farm at 8 locations with 300 to 400 litre milk per day, which is bottled and processed for dairy products and distribution. Co-existential farming is practised in about 100 acres including cereals, vegetables, fruits, pulses and herbal crops. More than 200 food items are produced and processed though cottage and small scale agro industries being operated by MD practising families at 8 Abhyuday centres and Abhyuday Sansthan. All the food & dairy products are marketed & distributed through Exchange centre named “Samriddhi” .